fragile flower

if i were
beautiful enough
would you love me

if i were bright enough
would you love me

if i impressed you
with my knowledge
of 18th century literature

high ethnic
and renaissance art
sophisticated music
the elucidation of doctrine
would you

some profoundly
striking quote
some money
to the right politicians

some advocate
for women
and children
some tantalizing
dharma teaching

some secret
tantric methods
some virtue signal that
i’m really
worthy of veneration
some spiritual title endowed…
choying lhamo
dakini of dharma space

something to impress
well all that i am
however insufficient

how many failures
how much falsity
however impatient

pretense to siphon
some trace self esteem
from likes and e-love

all is offered into space
it is all that i am
and what i am
so simple me
was just not enough


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