breaking free to grow

What spirit
what friend
could hold
my heart

that I could trust
to never harm
my body
my feelings
my mind

a panacea
of gentleness
real love
without pride

with whom if
there is
inevitable hurt
we learn
and this prompts us to
grow even further

I trust you
am bound to you
in love

if I were hurting
or ill we would be there
for comfort
never abandoning
this is… Samaya


Even if my sangha
is but only one
a solitary real friend

is better
than an ocean
of theater masked
robed falsity

I relinquish
the vows offered
invisible chains
entrapped into
spiritual slavery
no more

and vow to find
and listen to no one’s
heart but my own

care, tears, ethics, benefit
are what will inspire
reflection, action

just as He suggested.

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  1. Dawn Lhamo
    Dawn Lhamo says:

    “A warrior with a genuine broken heart can never be corrupted”

    “To be a spiritual warrior, one must have a broken heart; without a broken heart and the sense of tenderness and vulnerability, your warriorship is untrustworthy.”
    Chogyam Trungpa


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