earths heart core

shadow mimics light
the outer dry terrain
persona of faux divinity
the farthest crust
of the self

drilling deeper
cracking the protective
hard basalt base

dark hidden
guilt fear
unprocessed anger
volcanic reactivity
is but dormant grief

her small heart
child emulates
adulthood though
the body is grown
love her love him

the real spiritual path
of subterranean truth
a miner’s headlamp shines
into her earth

one’s only true
wet oil
black gold

what was dark
is no longer
the pickaxe extracts
what is there
all falsity crumbles

transparent seeing is
nothing less than
the deepest
earth origin

warm again
molten power
scorching compassion
blinding bright skill

the foundation
of all creation
anything can
be womb born

it is best
it is essential
to unearth
the source star
of one’s

El corazón, el core (Spanish) refers to the heart, the core.
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