A Tribute To My Parents

thank you for
hurting me

thank you for
hitting me

thank you for
neglecting me

considering me
but an annoyance
a nuisance

banished to my
room in silence

thank you
for not seeing me
as beautiful

even though I had
the most hopeful
light green eyes
and auburn curls

never harsh in
silent submission
I loved my calico cat
she kept me alive

someone should
have loved me
a childhood passed now
do they regret it?

but thank you
because the tears
forged my heart
to break open
into power

and I can see my
where you could never

and now
the pain that
was not my fault
gives me the unceasing
impetus to
love so very well

I can feel in my
marrow the crime
of when someone hurts
a child or anyone

and I now
speak for them
a voice for where
they too are ever
in silence

and will
be the change
we want to
see in our

dawn in dc

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    • Dawn Lhamo
      Dawn Lhamo says:

      “I’m gonna be like him ya, you know I’m gonna be like him…”

      Decide which side you want to be on~


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